PlumeStars srl organizes A NEW SET OF SERVICES and ACTIVITIES in pharmaceutical and biotechnological products for human use.


  • Full, fast and reliable scientific services in the development of final (bio) pharmaceutical products within the Quality By Design (QbD) regulatory framework. This service is also applicable in medical devices, food supplements and the cosmetics Industry. The above service is fully customized and delivered with all the regulatory requirements met.
  • Remote, classroom and on site customized training on the QbD Pharmaceutical Development. Training may include analysis of real cases provided in advance from the customer.


  • Quick support for solving specific development and manufacturing process problems.
  • Scientific advice in business development and market access issues.
  • Advice in identifying the best contract organization for fully meeting your manufacturing, clinical and regulatory needs both in European and US market.


  • PlumeStars srl has established a fully validated network of preselected scientific experts around the globe, assuring the personalized and responsible support you may need in the R&D of the (bio)pharmaceutical sector and beyond. This network of experts can be reached thru and with the guarantee, of our scientific personnel.
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