Who We Are

The founders of PlumeSTARS, Paolo Colombo (CEO), Anna Giulia Balducci, Francesca Buttini and Ruggero Bettini, are four scientists that share the same passion for science and technology. Moreover Neupharma, represented by Dr. Fabio Borella has a recently acquired 15% quotation in PlumeStars. Dr. Borella has a strong expertise in the field of development and commercialisation of antibiotics for inhalation and in the development and commercialization of orphan drugs (or drugs for rare disease).

What We Do

PlumeSTARS achieved the orphan status designation and protocol assistance for three products: Amika PS, Hyalcis, Taldo. PlumeStars holds a patented technology claiming the molecular deposition of fatty acids on drug microparticles applicable to several drugs. In particular, the company focuses on the development of antibiotics to treat lung infections in patients affected by Cystic Fibrosis.

PlumeSTARS Capabilities

Pharmaceutical technologies applied to different APIs for innovative medicines with primary interest in inhalation.

Recently, PlumeSTARS aquired the capability to develop novel orphan medicines.

Amikacin & Tobramycin powders for inhalations in cystic fibrosis, Cisplatin films for local delivery in mesothelioma recurrences, Thalidomide powder for oral and nasal delivery in Hereditary Haemoragic Telengiectasia, are EMA and FDA designed orphan medicines assigned to PlumeSTARS.

What’s Our Mission?

PlumeSTARS has the ambition to improve the patient quality of life offering patient-centric medicines.

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