Dr. Francesca Buttini, researcher at the Department of Food and Drug Sciences of the University of Parma and co-founder of PlumeSTARS, received the “Emerging Scientist Award” from the “Aerosol Society UK. The award was presented at the Drug Delivery to the Lungs congress dedicated to the pulmonary administration of drugs held in Edinburgh from 6 to 8 December, during which Dr Buttini gave a lecture on the results of her research.

The award, dedicated to PhDs no more than 15 years from the title, recognizes important results and innovations in inhalational sciences demonstrated by a researcher during the early stages of his career. The applications were collected by people from all over the world who work in the academic world, in industry or in other scientific institutes. The award was given to a researcher who had better demonstrated, through the publication of articles in international journals, innovation in the administration of drugs to the lung.

Dr. Francesca Buttini is also “Visiting Lecturer” at the Institute of Pharmaceutical Science of King’s College London (UK) and is affiliated as “Key Researcher” at the Research Center Pharmaceutical Engineering of Graz, Austria. The main area of ​​his research is the formulation and characterization of inhalation products, with particular interest in aerosols of dry powders. Until today he has published 34 original scientific works related to his research, is co-editor of a scientific book and inventor of 4 patents of medicinal preparations inhalers. Dr Buttini presented, by invitation, the results of her work in various international scientific conferences.