On 13TH June PlumeStars participated at Place Conference 2024 located in Rome: the Place Conference is a platform of laboratories for advance in Cardiac Experience.

This important meeting brought together many international experts in the discipline of Crdiology who have studied topics of particular interest such as cardioncology and cardiotoxicity from anticancer therapies.

This year, the edition of PLACE is green, as reported in the letter from the two Presidents of the Congress Prof. Leonardo Calò, Direttore UOC Cardiologia Policlinico Casilino, Professore di Cardiologia dello Sport, Università degli Studi Foro Italico di Roma e Prof. Fiorenzo Gaita, Università degli Studi di Torino, Juventus Medical Lab di Torino that said “In organizing this medical congress, we must recognize that caring for our environment is intrinsically linked to caring for human health.”

Plumestars, during this important conference, presented a pitch on “Covinhale nasal breath intake of antiviral powders to treat upper airways infections”.

Click here for dowload the Place Conference’s 2024 Brochure