PlumeStars participated at the 62nd AFI Symposium, the Italian Conference of the Industrial Pharmacists, held on 7th, 8th and 9th June at the new Pala Congressi in Rimini.

The AFI Symposium is the important conference that has been involving the interlocutors of the pharmaceutical sector at an international level for 60 years, and this is why it confirms itself year after year as an essential moment of meeting and exchange between the protagonists of scientific research and companies . Each edition is distinguished by a specific theme on which the in-depth sessions are held , which represent an opportunity for updating of great interest and considerable authority.

It is divided into several Scientific Sessions and also includes spaces dedicated to:

  • Workshops with companies in the sector;
  • The start-up square, for young realities in the pharma-biotech world and medical and diagnostic devices, with the aim of creating a network with companies in the pharmaceutical world;
  • The Piazza delle Donne del Pharma, dedicated to women who are among the main protagonists of the revolution taking place in the world of Pharma Biotech, holding positions of responsibility and prestige in all the steps of the development of new drugs and diagnostic tools.
  • Poster session, in which the oral presentation of posters on original, industrial and academic works on the conception, development, production, protection of intellectual property, clinical trials, regulatory aspects and therapeutic use takes place, innovative solutions in quality control and assurance; according to the opinion of a Committee of Experts appointed by AFI, the most interesting and innovative poster will be awarded a prize of 500 euros, established by Dr. Maria Luisa Nolli in memory of Dr. Luigi Cavenaghi.

The president of the association, Giorgio Bruno, opened the proceedings of the AFI symposium. The president of Farmindustria, Marcello Cattani, held a lectio magistralis on the theme of the conference. Subsequently, 13 scientific sessions took placeplace. During the first there was talk about Biotech and the evolution of advanced therapies for more effective, safer and more accessible drugs for patients. There was a session dedicated to supply chain and innovation, with a focus on innovative processes and technologies to support patients. Among other topics, the symposium addressed the HTA, the regulatory framework, pharmacovigilance, API, pharmaceutical sciences and new production technologies (electrospinning, microfluidics, 3D printing).