On 9th and 10 th  December 2019, at the Department of Food and Drug of the University of Parma, the two days course “Quality by Design in Pharmaceutical Development. Theory and case studies”, will take place.

The course, organized for continuous education activity dedicated to two health sciences companies, is also part of the high education activities of PhD Course on Sciences of drugs, biomolecules and health products and of the “Master in Pharmaceuticals and Regulatory Strategies in Medicinal Products Development”. The students of the PhD course and of the Master can attend the two days of education. The student registration is compulsory.

The event is structured on lectures of Dr. S.N.Politis and Prof. D.M.Rekkas of the University of Athens (GR).

The seminar is organized by Emeritus Prof. Paolo Colombo, CEO of PlumeStars srl, with the support of the AAA Advanced Accelerator Applications Italy, Ivrea (TO).

Download of the program

Logistic Guidelines

For REGISTRATION to the seminar, please SEND an EMAIL with your details to: info@plumestars.com