On Friday, July 21, 2017, a Framework Agreement has been signed between the University of Parma and PlumeStars s.r.l. concerning a didactic and scientific collaboration between the Food and Drug Department and the start up PlumeStars.

The purpose of the convention is to cooperate for the development of innovative medicines with particular reference to the systemic inhalation product object of EUproject CUPIDO.

The collaboration will also focus on the development of orphan medicines, high-level training activities on innovative products and dissemination of knowledge through scientific publications, Meetings and Conference attendance.

The Framework Agreement also involves the Departments, Study Courses, University Organizational Units, as well as of Italian and international students and trainees in the various research lines that will emerge during the collaboration.

PlumeStars aims to achieve important results in terms of novel drug product development to ensure a robust image of innovation capability, both in the inhalers and in the medicines for orphan diseases .