On Friday, November 10, at the Aula Magna of the University of Parma (Via Universit√† 12), the meeting “Malignant pleural mesothelioma: preclinical and clinical research” will take place. The meeting is organized by the University of Parma, in collaboration with Municipality of Parma and the Regional Health Service of Emilia Romagna, with the support of the Augusto Associazione per la vita, Association Davide Rodella, Italian Biological Foundation, Johnson & Johnson Medical SpA and the Italian Oncologic Group of Clinical Research.

The conference will provide important medical and scientific updates on malignant pleural mesothelioma with particular reference to the molecular set in mpm, multimodal treatment, new treatment perspectives, and recent diagnostic options.

Fabio Sonvico, Professor of Pharmaceutical Technologies at the University of Parma, will present the PlumeStars Hyalcis orphan product, that is a thin and flexible polymeric film loaded with cisplatin, for intrapleural implant. Preclinical studies on animals showed that hyaluronate films were significantly effective in reducing tumor recurrence, providing higher and prolonged plasma concentrations of cisplatin, without increasing systemic toxicity.

The conference is mainly addressed to biologists, pharmacists, physicians and surgeons. Registration is free (max. 100 participants) and includes: participation in scientific sessions, lunch, coffee breaks, conference kits and certificate of attendance. Online registration (mandatory) is available on the website www.eventbrite.com

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