Prof. Paolo Colombo, CEO of PlumeStars srl, has been invited to enter in the rExpert committee of the research project called AEROPERF. The project will take place in Liège, Belgium, subsidized by the Wallon Region. The Expert Committee included Prof. Nicolas Tsapis of Paris-Sud University and Marco Laackmann of Haro Hofliger.

The AEROPERF research project in details

The AEROPERF research project, which will take place over four years, aims to study the effect of particle microstructure on the performance of inhalation powders.

Four partners will be involved in the project, including:

Paolo-Colombo-and-Aeroperf Project

Particles and powders

Pulmonary drug administration is the primary choice for the treatment of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), although at present several molecules for other diseases are in clinical development such as vaccines, anti-tubercolosis drugs, anticancer drugs, antibiotics (e.g. tobramycin in cystic fibrosis patients), opioids (e.g. fentanyl) and peptides. The possibility to deliver high doses, the greater stability compared to liquid formulations and the problems of pressurized metered dose inhaler use have led research in the direction of dry powder inhalers.

However, owing to their small size, microparticles are extremely adhesive and cohesive. To achieve the best performance with respect to respirability and flow properties, “particle engineering” startegies of micro particle are adopted to control the physical form and to optimize size, morphology and structure.