Paolo Colombo, Emeritus of the University of Parma and CEO of PlumeStars, has been named among the top 60 industrial leaders in The Medicine Maker’s 2020 Power List 2020.

The Medicine Maker is an authoritative medical-scientific magazine that constantly publishes articles and sector news promoting the medical-pharmaceutical scientific culture in the world.

The magazine, which has celebrated people whose work has positively influenced the pharmaceutical industry in the past five years, intends to inform its readers by highlighting the most relevant results obtained by these scientific personalities.

Prof. Paolo Colombo

The magazine asked the PlumeStars CEO some questions including:

  1. Which people inspired you in your career?

My unforgettable teachers were Prof. Aldo La Manna, Professor of pharmaceutical technology at the University of Pavia, and Prof. Tullo Vitali, Professor of pharmaceutical chemistry at the University of Parma. Not only did they teach me about pharmaceutical science, but above all about how to face life, in particular university life.

  1. What is the next big news in the field of small molecules?

The repurposed use of existing drugs for new therapeutic applications, one of the most promising opportunities for small molecules when the appropriate drug delivery is considered.

  1. Is there any statement you would like to make about the role of pharmaceuticals in the fight against COVID-19?

PlumeStars is engaged in the preparation of a product capable of attacking the virus by following its path of infectivity, i.e. by performing a nasal and pulmonary administration of low molecular weight antiviral drugs, in lower doses but capable of generating very high local contact concentrations.