PlumeSTARS actively participated at the 58th AFI Symposium, the Italian Conference of the Industrial Pharmacists, held on 6, 7 and 8 June at the Pala Congressi in Rimini. The symposium has registered more than 1000 attendees and more than 100 stands, reconfirming itself as a meeting point for excellence which revolves around the pharmaceutical world.

The AFI Annual Symposium focuses on the changes taking place in the activities of the pharmaceutical industry due to the ever-increasing application of digital technologies. This important transformation factor guided thread of the 13 Scientific Sessions, conceived, as always, to offer a broad and wide range of services

This year the attention was extended to food supplements, considering their growing importance on the market and especially the involvement of many pharmaceutical companies in production activities in this sector.

The 58th AFI Symposium organized the “Startup Square”, an area specifically dedicated within the exhibition space and accessible for free to allow visitors and companies to come in direct contact with the innovative realities present.

PlumeSTARS presented, in a speech of Prof. Paolo Colombo (PlumeStars CEO),”Antibiotic Dry Powder Inhalers for Lung Infections”, describing the PlumeStars Technology in the field of Cystic Fibrosis about molecular deposition of fatty acids on antibiotic microparticles to obtain by spray drying highly respirable inhalation powders, with some benefits for patients, like:

  • High drug loading product (99% w/w)
  • Low powder amount to inhaled for each administration
  • Increased patient convenience, compliance and efficacy.