PlumeSTARS actively participated at the DDL 2018 , Drug delivery to the Lungs conference held on 12, 13 and 14 December at Edinburgh.

The Drug Delivery to the Lungs conference (DDL) is Europe’s premier conference and industry exhibition which is dedicated to pulmonary and nasal drug delivery.

The focus is on providing a forum to present through podium and poster presentations recent developments in the field of inhalation therapy.

The three-day conference consists of a programme of lectures covering five session themes.  Each year the DDL Committee invite a long serving respiratory health professional to deliver the commemorative DDL Lecture as a way of recognising their significant scientific accomplishments achieved in respiratory health.

The DDL conference provides an annual forum for scientists, academics, clinicians, regulatory and industry specialists involved in developing medicines for inhalation.

DDL2018 had five themed sessions each with a combination of invited and submitted lectures given by experts in the field of inhalation and students working to advance respiratory science.

Francesca Buttini (Plumestars co-founder) has belonged to Scientific Advisory Board of DDL and Eride Quarta(Plumestars young scientist) presented the poster “Glycemic profile in rats after pulmonary administration of an insulin dry powder”.

The aim of this study was to investigate the chemical stability and respirability of an insulin spray-dried powder (Ins_SD) loaded in blister-packed capsules. The in vitro respirability of Ins_SD was compared to one of commercial products, Afrezza®. Finally, the glycemic plasma profile in rats was measured after pulmonary insufflation of Ins_SD and Afrezza.