After the Covid 19 Pandemic, trade fairs restart including the AFI Symposium. Also for this year, PlumeStars participated at the 61st AFI Symposium, the Italian Conference of the Industrial Pharmacists, held on 8th, 9 th and 10 th June at the new Pala Congressi in Rimini.

The event will focus on the Copernican revolution through which the scientific world has passed, an irreversible revolution that projects us beyond the New Normality, into a new era for the Pharmaceutical World.

The whole of society is based on health and without health there is no economy or social life.

The AFI Symposium is the important conference that for almost 60 years involves the interlocutors of the pharmaceutical sector at an international level, and this is why it is confirmed year by year an important moment of encounter and exchange between the protagonists of scientific research and the Companies. As for the update exam of great importance and considerable authority.

It consists of several scientific sessions, culminates with the Lectio magistralis and the Plenary Session and also includes spaces dedicated to:

  • The startup square, for young companies in the pharma-biotechnology world and medical and diagnostic devices, divided into short conferences focused on technology transfer in the presence of leading experts in the sector, with the aim of creating a network with companies in the world pharmaceutical;
  • Workshops with companies in the sector.

PlumeStars presented, in a speech of Prof. Gaia Colombo, “The Product Covinhale”: it’s an antiviral (Chloroquine, Favipiravir) nasal powder, breath inspired, for use during the first 5 days from symptoms of Covid-19.

The Product Covinhale wants to provide a more effective drug product to improve the disposition of antiviral drug in the upper airways for early infections, as in Covid-19. The product delivers an antiviral medicine by nasal inspiration, combining engineered respirable drug microparticles with a nasal inhaler for novel administration procedure. The administration aims to maximize drug deposition in human upper airways. Selected antiviral drugs, already used in therapy, are repurposed for the new medicine.

Clinical studies for anti SARS-Cov2 drugs have been performed by systemic drug administration (oral, injection), while the virus infects the organism via upper respiratory tract, i.e., nose, mouth. Using locally targeted antiviral medicines, we intend to increase drug concentration only where the virus entered the organism and replicates.

High local drug concentration is obtained whit low systemic exposure. The objective is to treat and prevent Covid-19 and other infections of upper airways.