Also for 2022, the Lifebility of Lions charity is proposing the Lifebility Award. The competition years has been aiming to find highly innovative ideas and projects that can help solve problems in our society. The watchword has always been “ethics”, a fundamental requirement for proposing projects that have an eye on the present and the future, and on the critical issues that hinder our society.

The Lifebility Award 2022 focuses on health and ecological transition.

PlumeStars is among the finalists for Lifebility Award 2022. The project we propose concerns an innovative nasal powder that beat Covid-19 in the infected upper airways by nasal insipration of antiviral powdre for 5 days at symptom onset.

The idea derived from the failure of oral and injectable antiviral therapies that have not obtained an active drug concentration in the upper airways and the importance of contrasting the SarsSoV-2 virus in the upper airways at the first symptoms of infection.

Covinhale is a targeted medicine against coronavirus that infected upper airways with respired air. Nasal drug powder aerosol, breath inspired, follows in the body the same virus route.

An aerodynamic powder of an already existing and therapeutically known antiviral drug (repurposed) in microparticles, at a dose 1 /10 of the oral one, to be deposited for absorption in the upper airways, by inhaling through the nose using a special inhalation device.

To increase the concentration of the antiviral drug by direct absorption in the epithelium of the upper airways, to block the replication of the virus before it can invade the lungs. To provide a medicine with antiviral activity targeted at the site of infection.

The proposal is aimed at general practitioners to provide them with an active antiviral product, safe for systemic effects, of low cost for the treatment of the infection when symptoms appear in the first 5 days of their onset. Our product faces an at home anti-Covid-19 therapy.

The Lifebility Award 2022 is looking for projects that can improve, simplify and make public and private community services usable in relation to the emergency of the Covid-19 pandemic. All at costs that are “sustainable”. The competition is dedicated to 2 of the 6 missions of the National Plan for Restart and Resilience, or PNRR. “As for 2021, we therefore continue on the health trend, because”, as Enzo Taranto  – President of Lifeability explained: “Post-Covid-19 does not mean that the health problem is over. The second mission, on the other hand, concerns the theme of ecological transition: “Fundamental and very important theme for life and the environment, for the energy reality of all of us”.