On Friday, December 15th, the one-day  workshop on “Fixed dose combinations of drugs: clinical aspects, formulations and regulatory” took place in Milan at the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences,UNIMI .

The topic was focused on the advantages of drug-drug combination products and manufacturing aspects:

The combination improves therapy in the patients with inadequate response to monotherapy, has a greater overall effect and / or is more rapidly effective;

The combination improves safety; two to one active substance can counteract the adverse drug reaction of one or by combining doses, adjust sub-therapeutic when used in monotherapy;

Fixed combination drug products offer the possibility to simplify administration where a combination of active substances is already recognized with an existing therapeutic claim.

Alternatively, a fixed combination medicinal product may be developed from a new therapeutic claim.

The workshop has been part of the activities of the AFI Study Group of Pharmaceutical Technology in collaboration with the PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences and the courses of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology of the University of Milan.

Prof. Paolo Colombo, CEO of PlumeSTARS, presented a lecture on “Traditional and innovative technologies in manufacturing drug-drug combination products”.