On June 8th PlumeStars srl participated at the “Venture Contest for International Entrepreneurs -Win in Suzhou Win the Future”, an international competition for innovation and entrepreneurship of new projects and talents, borned in Suzhou (China) since 2011.

The participation took place in digital mode where Dr. Eride Quarta, past researcher at PlumeStars, presented a pitch of seven minutes, on health product technology\solution, followed by questions from experts committee in Suzhou.

PlumeStars was ranked second by presenting a picth entitled “An effective targeted cancer therapy” focused on pleural mesothelioma, a very aggressive form of cancer due to the asbestos use in construction and industry. Mesothelioma is difficult to diagnose, highly resistant to treatment and full recovery is extremely rare. Over 43,000 people die every year worldwide for the disease.

The competition included bilateral sessions between China and various countries (Japan, Singapore, North America, France, UK, Sweden) including the session dedicated to cooperation between Italy – China (Suzhou). The aim was the finding of high-level projects in the scientific and technological area to foster collaborations between the countries.

Three of the eight participating Italian companies won cash prizes gaining the access to the final global competition, together with all the finalists of the bilateral sessions, with more substantial prizes and various opportunities. The global final competition will take place on July 8th via web.