On 22nd and 29th April 2021, PlumeStars organizes the Two day web course Quality by Design in Pharmaceutical and Food Development. Theory and case studies”.

This seminar will be delivered remotely through the Zoom platform and organized by Emeritus Prof. Paolo Colombo (The CEO PlumeStars) with the collaboration of SFI Health.

The event is structured on lectures of Prof. D.M.Rekkas and S.N.Politis of the University of Athens (GR).

DAY 1: THURSDAY APRIL 22nd, 2021

The first day will be focused on delivering the body of knowledge required to understand the application of QbD and related Quality Quidelines.

DAY 2 THURSDAY 29th, 2021

The second day of the seminar will be focused on real life application examples and on analysis of 3 case studies as they were proposed in advance by SFI team.

For more information please SEND an EMAIL to: info@plumestars.com


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