Also for this year, PlumeSTARS participated at the 59th AFI Symposium, the Italian Conference of the Industrial Pharmacists, held on 5, 6 and 7 June at the new Pala Congressi in Rimini.

The AFI Symposium is the important conference that for almost 60 years involves the interlocutors of the pharmaceutical sector at an international level, and this is why it is confirmed year by year an important moment of encounter and exchange between the protagonists of scientific research and the Companies. As for the update exam of great importance and considerable authority.

It consists of several scientific sessions, culminates with the Lectio magistralis and the Plenary Session and also includes spaces dedicated to:

  • The startup square, for young companies in the pharma-biotechnology world and medical and diagnostic devices, divided into short conferences focused on technology transfer in the presence of leading experts in the sector, with the aim of creating a network with companies in the world pharmaceutical;
  • Workshops with companies in the sector;
  • 10 technological innovations, where the latest proposals of the companies selected by the AFI Board that exhibit at the Symposium are presented;

PlumeSTARS presented, in a speech of Prof. Paolo Colombo (PlumeStars CEO), “Hyalcis: Hyaluronic-Cisplatin Film for Implant for Malignant Mesothelioma Recurrences”.

Hyalcis exploits nanotechnology and advanced material research results to bring to market an innovative medical treatment of mesothelioma. The studies until now conducted revealed an interaction between the polymer hyaluronic acid and cisplatin that gave rise to a drug-polymer complex, lymphatically absorbed and blood distributed.

The uptake by pharmaceutical industry of the hyaluronic- cisplatin film technology studied by PlumeStars will assign a more effective cure against recurrences of this rare and very aggressive form of cancer that is difficult to diagnose and highly resistant to anticancer drugs.

The film requires an advanced manufacturing process in order to guarantee its quality, in particular sterility.

Hyalcis combines a known active principle, cisplatin, with a polymeric material, hyaluronic acid, providing an innovative solution to post-surgery prevention of mesothelioma recurrences. The novel product has a demonstrable added value compared to the presently applied chemotherapy (IV or pleura surface washing) and radiotherapy treatments, since it allows a strict dose control and implantation easiness.

Hyalcis transfers the PlumeStars research results to the cancer therapy. PlumeStars technology could be transferred to treat other forms of cancer, thus multiplying the beneficial impact for society (e.g. ovarian cancer) and market.

The innovation provides clear societal benefits by more efficiently addressing a relevant illness form which full recovery is extremely rare.

PlumeSTARS gets the SME-Instruments Phase 1 grant within Horizon 2020 program

PlumeSTARS srl, the start up at University of Parma, received a new financial funding within the Horizon 2020 program. In the last round of the EIC SME-Instrument Phase 1 – cut off of 13 February 2019 – 277 small and medium-sized enterprises from 25 EU countries have been selected for funding. PlumeSTARS is one of them.

PlumeSTARS got a contribution of 50,000 euros for preparing the Business Plan of its Orphan Medicine Hyalcis. The productis a Polymeric biodegradable film, loaded with cisplatin drug, the active substance for cancer treatment. The film, developed and tested in collaboration with the Department of Medicine & Surgery (Prof Paolo Carbognani) and Department Food & Drug (Prof. Fabio Sonvico) of the University of Parma, is proposed to be implanted in the thoracic surface after the removal of primary tumor in the pleural mesothelioma cancer. The product, already tested in animals, obtained the Orphan medicine designation and is on way for studies in human trials, with the goal of market authorization application.

Most of the selected SME-Instrument candidates are active in the ICT, health and engineering sectors: the beneficiary companies come from Spain (46), Switzerland (23) and France (22). 21 Italian companies are beneficiaries, including PlumeStars srl.

The SME- Instrument program is part of the European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot project, which supports high-level innovators, entrepreneurs, small businesses and scientists with funding opportunities and acceleration services.

Co-funded by the European Union

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